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Cloud Migration

What is Cloud Migration?

At CloudTechner, we assist enterprises in migrating their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud with minimal business disruptions. We deliver optimized cloud migration solutions and offer comprehensive migration services that help enterprises of all sizes fast-track their cloud strategy.

Our migration strategy is structured, holistic, and agile, covering full-stack migration that includes applications, infrastructure, and DevSecOps. Our cloud experts work closely with IT organizations to help them determine the best cloud services and solutions for their needs.

Our Approach

Our Cloud Migration Approach

CloudTechner helps you move ahead with a well-planned cloud migration strategy that ensures consistent and constant access to business applications and infrastructure with 100% data accuracy. Our cloud migration consulting starts with a comprehensive assessment enabling clients to define their migration requirements for cloud environments.

CloudTechner - Our Cloud Migration Approach
How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

  • Gather the business objectives and requirements

    We conduct a detailed analysis of your business objectives and requirements to determine the best cloud strategy for your organization. This includes understanding your performance, security, and compliance requirements.

  • Evaluate existing infrastructure solution

    We assess your current infrastructure, identifying potential challenges and opportunities for improvement in the cloud. This includes analyzing your server utilization, network topology, and application dependencies.

  • Assist in choosing the right cloud provider

    We help you select the most suitable cloud provider based on your business needs, application architecture, and compliance requirements. This includes comparing the offerings of different cloud providers, and evaluating their performance, cost, and service level agreements.

  • Assess and build the migration roadmap

    We create a detailed migration roadmap using the 6R’s approach (Rehost, Replatform, Repurchase, Refactor, Retire, Retain), outlining the steps for cloud migration. This includes identifying the applications and data to be migrated, planning the migration schedule, and defining the rollback strategy.

  • Automate the migration

    We automate the migration process using Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) tools like Terraform or CloudFormation, ensuring a repeatable and reliable migration process. This includes automating the provisioning of cloud resources, the configuration of network and security settings, and the deployment of applications.

  • Validate, rollout and support the Cloud Infrastructure

    We validate the migrated infrastructure, roll out the changes, and provide ongoing support to ensure your cloud infrastructure is always optimized and secure. This includes monitoring the performance and availability of your cloud resources, applying security patches, and optimizing your resource usage to reduce costs.


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Our Cloud Migration Services

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    Infrastructure Migration:

    We migrate your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, including servers, storage, and networking components. This includes setting up virtual networks, subnets, and VPNs in the cloud, and migrating your data using tools like AWS DataSync or Azure Migrate. We also handle the migration of your DNS settings to the cloud.

  • 02

    Platform Migration:

    We help you transition from on-premises platforms to cloud-based platforms, such as moving from an on-premises database to a managed database service in the cloud. This includes migrating your data, updating your application configurations to use the new database, and setting up automatic scaling and backup for your database.

  • 03

    Data Migration:

    We assist in migrating your data from on-premises storage to cloud storage. This includes selecting the right storage service, setting up data transfer, and ensuring data integrity and security during the migration process. We also handle the migration of your data processing workflows to the cloud, using services like AWS Glue or Azure Data Factory.

  • 04

    Application Migration:

    We migrate your applications to the cloud, ensuring they're optimized for the cloud environment. This includes rehosting, replatforming, or refactoring applications as necessary, and setting up autoscaling and load balancing for your applications. We also handle the migration of your application's dependencies, such as databases and message queues, to the cloud.

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Business Drivers

Business Drivers For Cloud Adoption

Cost reduction

Achieve significant cost savings by moving from a CapEx model to an OpEx model, and by optimizing resource usage in the cloud. This includes using reserved instances, spot instances, and savings plans to reduce your cloud costs.

Flexible architecture

Improve business agility with a flexible cloud architecture that can quickly adapt to changing business needs. This includes using autoscaling, load balancing, and serverless technologies to dynamically adjust your infrastructure based on demand.

End of life/support of the on-premises hardware/software

Avoid the risks and costs associated with end-of-life hardware and software by moving to the cloud. This includes migrating your applications and data to the cloud, and updating your application configurations to use the new cloud resources.

Business transformation

Drive growth and accelerate innovation by leveraging modern cloud technologies and services. This includes using machine learning, big data, and IoT services in the cloud to gain insights, automate processes, and create innovative solutions.

Scalable, highly available and global infrastructure

Build scalable and highly available applications with a global reach using the cloud's worldwide infrastructure. This includes using multi-region deployments, global load balancing, and CDN services to deliver your applications to users around the world.

Best utilize modern technologies

Leverage modern technologies like Data Analysis, AI, ML and IoT in the cloud to gain insights, automate processes, and create innovative solutions. This includes using managed AI and ML services in the cloud, and integrating your applications with IoT devices.

CloudTechner - Cloud Advisory
Our Process

Our Cloud Migration Process

As an experienced cloud migration partner, CloudTechner accelerates your transformation journey in the cloud. We ensure a smooth transition of applications with workloads to any leading public cloud platforms AWS, Azure, and GCP.

We understand that the path to cloud adoption is unique for every organization. Hence, we have created a six-phased cloud migration process to plan and deliver cloud migration services effectively:

CloudTechner - Assessment


Analyze your IT landscape, validate system usage & mapping dependencies, and identify cloud compatibility and infrastructure upgrade to the cloud. This includes analyzing your server utilization, network topology, and application dependencies.


Establish your cloud migration framework, select tools, IT portfolio discovery, sow, prepare plan and milestone to achieve business & technology needs. This includes defining the migration schedule, the rollback strategy, and the validation criteria.

CloudTechner - Validation
CloudTechner - Design


Create a detailed design for application deployments and cloud framework and select the migration strategy “6R’s” approach to create a supporting cloud architecture. This includes designing the network architecture, the security architecture, and the application deployment process in the cloud.

CloudTechner - Build A Landing Zone

Build A Landing Zone

Decide the target environment for the configuration of common services and ensure network connectivity from on-premises, cloud, and security. This includes setting up VPCs, subnets, and VPNs in the cloud, and configuring security groups and IAM roles.


Create a scalable, secure, and functional platform for business workloads so that all the shared systems, applications, and data can be seamlessly migrated to the cloud platform. This includes migrating your servers, databases, and applications to the cloud, and updating your DNS settings to point to the new resources.

CloudTechner - Migration
CloudTechner - Optimization


Proactively monitor systems for high performance, cost optimization, security & governance, and verify operational efficiency and optimize 5P at the right level. This includes setting up cloud monitoring tools, applying security patches, and optimizing your resource usage to reduce costs.