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DevSecOps Consulting

What is DevSecOps Consulting?

At CloudTechner, we excel in automating comprehensive CI/CD pipelines for expedited application delivery. Our DevSecOps services extend the automation and integration of processes throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

We emphasize automating the build, test (functional & nonfunctional), deployment, and monitoring of applications and infrastructure with an emphasis on quality and control. By leveraging automation and reducing the complexities of cloud infrastructure implementation, we enable your team to concentrate on application development and business problemsolving.


Advantages of Our DevSecOps Consulting

  • Expedited delivery through sophisticated automation techniques.
  • Increased deployment frequency with minimal manual interventions.
  • Reduced build failure rates with robust and resilient CI/CD pipelines
  • Shiftleft approach integrating security tests and application tests to detect issues early in the development process.

Our Assistance

  • Accelerate the construction of efficient delivery pipelines using advanced frameworks.
  • Enhance efficiency and consistency with the automation of endtoend delivery & deployment.
  • Decrease project costs by integrating security from the initial stages (shiftleft).
  • Implement comprehensive monitoring for all DevSecOps activities for realtime status visibility.
How We Can Help You

Our Agile & DevSecOps Implementation Approach

CloudTechner collaborates with your team to determine the optimal set of tools, processes, and environments to balance performance, security, and consistency in your DevSecOps pipeline. Our DevSecOps solution experts help you implement security operations automation to identify security flaws early on, enabling the detection and rectification of any security issues during development.

  • Assessment And Consultation

    Assess existing processes, tools, environments on DevSecOps and prepare an implementation plan to enhance the process.

  • DevSecOps Pilot Framework

    Verify and validate the standard DevSecOps setup while implementing the pilot framework.

  • CI/CD Pipeline

    Automate delivery and integrate code continuously while releasing applications.

  • Support & Compliance

    Enhance support services, onboarding of new applications and improve governance and compliance.

  • Monitoring & Maintenance

    Provide 24X7 monitoring services, keep a close watch on errors/bugs and fix them with defined SLAs.


Our experts are just a call away. Share your DevOps Challenge with us. Accelerate and optimize processes using the most advanced automation, development, and implementation methods with CloudTechner.

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Our DevSecOps As A Service Offering

Our team of experienced agile engineers and DevSecOps professionals aid you in releasing highquality software flexibly and predictably. Our DevSecOps implementation strategy incorporates nextgen technologies such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC), monitoring & observability, release orchestration, and others that expedite product delivery.

  • 01

    Deployment (CI/CD) Pipeline:

    Utilize CI/CD best practices and automate software delivery to minimize build and deployment issues.

  • 02

    Automation & Tooling Leverage:

    Assist in selecting the appropriate set of DevSecOps automation and configuration tools that align with your application tech stack.

  • 03

    Infrastructure Configuration:

    Automate the construction of optimized application infrastructure to meet enterprise requirements while providing value through cost management.

  • 04

    Quality Gates:

    Implement quality gates as part of CI/CD pipelines to maintain highquality code while preserving velocity.

  • 05


    Integrate continuous security monitoring services into the pipeline to protect investments and meet compliance regulations.

  • 06

    Monitoring & Reporting:

    Ensure highperformance visibility across the infrastructure and DevSecOps processes to provide comprehensive status across environments.

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