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About Us

Connecting right skills with the right craft!

CloudTechner is a leading provider of cloud services, helping businesses transform and modernize their IT infrastructure and operations. Our team of certified cloud professionals is dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of cloud migration and management, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal performance.

  • Founded by an Enthusiastic group with over 6 decades of collective experience.
  • IT modernization organization - focused to address the Digital disruption, transformation, and optimization endeavors of businesses.
  • History of working with Global clients implementing Innovative Solutions spanning across Industries.
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Our Professional Services

Cloud Advisory

Our cloud advisory services provide strategic guidance to help you understand the potential of cloud technology for your business. We conduct a detailed analysis of your IT landscape, identify potential challenges and opportunities for cloud adoption, and help you make informed decisions.

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Cloud Implementation

We offer end-to-end cloud implementation services, ensuring your cloud infrastructure is set up correctly and ready for use. This includes setting up virtual networks, subnets, and VPNs in the cloud, configuring security groups and IAM roles, and deploying your applications to the cloud.

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Cloud Compliance & Security

Our cloud compliance and security services prioritize the protection of your data and systems. We conduct risk assessments, design security architecture, and provide ongoing monitoring to safeguard your business. This includes setting up security groups and IAM roles in the cloud, configuring network ACLs.

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Cloud Optimization

Our cloud optimization services ensure your cloud environment is maximized for performance and cost-efficiency. We monitor your systems 24/7, providing proactive support and maintenance. This includes setting up cloud monitoring tools, applying security patches, and optimizing your resource usage to reduce costs.

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Cloud Migration

We provide comprehensive cloud migration services to help you move your business operations to the cloud. Our team will work with you to plan and execute a seamless migration, minimizing downtime and disruption. This includes migrating your servers, databases, and applications to the cloud, and updating your DNS.

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DevSecOps Consulting

Our DevSecOps consulting services integrate security into your development and operations processes, enhancing the security and efficiency of your software delivery. This includes setting up CI/CD pipelines, integrating security testing into your build process, and setting up automated deployments to the cloud.

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CI/CD Implementation

We offer CI/CD implementation services to automate your software delivery process, improving speed, efficiency, and reliability. This includes setting up CI/CD pipelines
using tools like Jenkins or GitLab CI, integrating automated testing into your build process, and setting up automated deployments.

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Kubernetes Managed Service

Our Kubernetes managed service takes care of your container orchestration, freeing your team to focus on other important tasks. This includes setting up and managing your Kubernetes clusters, deploying your applications to Kubernetes, and setting up autoscaling and load balancing for your applications.

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Our observability services provide insights into your cloud environment, helping you monitor performance, troubleshoot issues, and make data-driven decisions. This includes setting up cloud monitoring tools, collecting and analyzing logs and metrics, and setting up alerting and incident management.

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Cloud Ops

Our cloud ops services provide ongoing management and support for your cloud infrastructure, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. This includes monitoring the performance and availability of your cloud resources, applying security patches, and optimizing your resource usage to reduce costs.

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Our Technology Expertise

What We Offer

Industries We Serve



We empower financial institutions to leverage the cloud for improved efficiency and security.

Our services can help you streamline financial operations with cloud-based tools, enhance data security and compliance, implement advanced analytics for better decision-making, and drive digital transformation for improved customer experience.

Health Care

We help healthcare organizations harness the power of the cloud to improve patient care.

Our services can help you securely store and manage patient data, implement telehealth solutions, leverage AI and machine learning for diagnostics, and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

Health Care


We assist retailers in utilizing cloud technology to enhance their business operations.

Our services can help you implement e-commerce solutions, enhance supply chain efficiency with cloud-based tools, leverage data analytics for improved customer insights, and improve security and compliance in online transactions.


We support educational institutions in adopting cloud technology for improved learning experiences.

Our services can help you implement cloud-based learning management systems, enhance collaboration with cloud-based tools, securely store and manage student data, and leverage AI and machine learning for personalized learning.


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Why Choose Us

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    Our team of certified cloud professionals has the knowledge and experience to guide you through every step of your cloud journey. We have expertise in a wide range of cloud technologies, including AWS, Azure, and GCP, and we stay up-to-date with the latest cloud trends and best practices.

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    We have strong partnerships with major cloud providers, giving us access to the latest technologies and best practices. We leverage these partnerships to provide you with the best possible cloud solutions.

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    Customer Focus:

    We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with you to understand your business needs and tailor our services accordingly. We provide personalized support and guidance throughout your cloud journey.

Why Choose Us